RUREX Flatsprings Product Group Container Glass

Flat springs made of anticorrosive stainless spring steel.
Strength 1450 – 1550 N/mm² with round edges with or without little bows.
Width: 10.5 mm • Thickness 0.6 mm, 0.7 mm or 0.8 mm.
For high temperature applications we also offer the material „ULTRA“, tensile strength 1600 N/mm², for the thickness 0.7 mm (only Style A/B).

Flat springs are available in the following designs:

Style A
Style B
Style C
Style D
Style E
Style F
Style G

Shape of the flat spring ends:

Old Round End:
Bellville End:

Rurex-Stahl Flat Spring “C” to “G” shape with 3 pressure points!

Advantage: neck ring is impossible to move


Standard Flat Spring “A” or “B” shape with 1 pressure point!

neck ring can move left or right